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Vintage and Industrial styled lighting is all the range this year, nothing adds more character and charm than our new filament bulbs. Vintage pendant lighting can transform an older styled building into a forward updated workspace, bar, restaurant or anything else. The little pieces such as our vintage walls lights add that extra bit of charm that makes all the difference. Whatever your style a correctly places industrial piece in the correct setting transforms the room and makes for a great vocal point. Remodelling your home in Vintage style can be a challenging prospect but there are lots of ideas to be found on the Internet and in specialist magazines. A traditional older home will easily accommodate one of the many Vintage crystal chandeliers that always appear to be in fashion and this type of light fixture can be complemented by Vintage style lamps that will deliver the perfect ambiance for relaxation. There are crystal floor lamps which look stunning in larger rooms and a wide choice of table lamps to accentuate the traditional style of the furniture.

Some of the most popular items of Vintage collections are glass fairy lamps which were originally introduced in the late 1880's. These types of lamps came to the fore again in the 1950's and are still being made today. Another retro fashion that is back in favour is the Vintage Lava lamp which was a must have in the 1960's and 70's. Ideal for creating a relaxing atmosphere, the lamp can be placed in any setting and it will be a fabulous focal point of interest.