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Landscape Garden Lighting


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Landscape garden lighting can add the finishing touch to the area around the outside of your home and planning the kind of lighting you want is essential if you want to get it right. Understanding the differences between overall lighting, task lighting and accent lighting is one important issue as is the intensity of the light. A little will go a long way and there are a variety of lighting solutions to help you make the most of your outdoor open space.

Incandescent bulbs give a warmer glow than LED bulbs but cost more to run and halogen last longer than traditional bulbs but can give off a glare. Landscape lighting can be used to light up paths, driveways, patios or decking. Whilst it may appear to be a case choosing between electrically wired or solar lights, landscape lighting requires a little more thought and preparation. The style of the lighting will depend upon what kind of activities are taking place. Downlighting is good if you want to play some sports. Softer lighting may be better for a quiet relaxing evening in the garden. There is a lot of information about different types of outdoor lights including those with sensors. Take your time and choose carefully and always get quality waterproof IP rated products.