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The outdoor bollard post light is often used to light up pathways and is commonly used by companies in areas like car parks, community gardens and to create a well lit way to the entrance of a building. However, there are now many more styles than the original cylinder post with a round top. You can buy pagoda style posts and pedestal lanterns in a variety of colours making these very functional lights an excellent choice for the garden or grounds of your home.

Available with the latest money saving LED lamps or with traditional bulbs, post lights can be fitted with light sensors and are waterproof rated. Attractive outdoor lights can add value to your home as well as creating a lovely ambiance in the garden and driveway. As well as traditional lights, there are some splendid solar lights that will help to create a cosy atmosphere whilst making your home look distinctive and individual. Whether you want post lights for around decking or to line the driveway, the choice of lights ranges from the stylish modern design to the antique styled coach pedestal lantern. Weatherproof and durable, outdoor bollard post lights will provide illumination exactly where it is needed around the outside of the home.