Storage Bed

The bed takes up by far the most space in almost any bedroom and yet, most do not provide much or any storage space. If you don’t want loads of storage furniture in your fantastic minimalist house, then you’ll want something like an ottoman or possibly even an adult cabin bed for the more adventurous among us. A minimalist bedroom must appear to have little in it, including little furniture. A bed that also contains half your things is a godsend, especially if said bedroom isn’t that big.

Storage Sofa

Yes these exist, and they’re fantastic. They provide the perfect solution to the frantic tidy up before guests arrive or, god forbid, the minimalist illusion maybe shattered. With everything from warm winter throws to the dog’s leader, it’s the storage solution to nearly every problem, and best of all, no one will suspect a thing.

In-Stair Drawers

This is simply genius, stairs that contain hidden drawers for all those knick-knacks that otherwise would have nowhere to go. Again, unless you’re superman, you’d never spot the stacks of hidden post, shoes and kid’s toys under these ingenious stairs.

Bathtub Storage

No we don’t just mean throwing stuff into the actual tub, we mean the crafty little pull out storage units that hide inside the slim walls between the tub and its surround. Able to take all the hand towels and toiletries in the world and no one would know. You could even combine it with the storage in a slim mirror cabinet and achieve minimalist bathroom utopia.

Storage Bench

Much like the storage sofa, the storage bench deviously hides in plain sight, masquerading as a comfortable and convenient place to sit and read a book, under the window, on a nice summer’s day. Little do your guests know, however, its happily holding all of the DVDs, CDs and magazines you would ever need.

Storage Box

Who’d have known that that comfy puffy little rest you put your feet up on contains all the slippers, throws and remotes you could possibly need, right under your very feet. These fantastic little domestic solutions can be anywhere in the house not just in the living room. They’re just as at home as bedside companions, under window benches or even just as emergency party seats.

All of these stealthy little storage designs don’t just have to work in minimalist homes, they are a great way of creating space, or saving it when it’s at a premium, or just generally clearing up the usual clutter.

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