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10 Commandments For Small Space Living
Living in a spatially challenged house or apartment has many difficulties, however, with a bit of clever thinking and a touch of initiative, it can become a cosy home for all the family. Keeping the place organised and finding somewhere to put everything is half the battle, not closing yourself into tiny spaces and keeping the place feeling spacious (enough) and not claustrophobic is the other. These tips and tricks comprise the holy grail of limited space living.Read More
9 Jan 2017 16:01:00 By Washington Lighting and Interiors Small Home, Interiors, lighting, Lighting, Furniture, Interiors, Guides, Bedroom, Bathroom,
Stealthy Storage - Hording For Minialists

We’ve all seen the uber-cool, expensive looking minimalist homes with nothing in them but some trendy furniture and a window, us humans however, have something in boatloads that prevents a house like this from existing, it’s called stuff. We’ve all got it, 10 cubic meters of random bits and bobs that we have no idea where it all came from or why.

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9 Jan 2017 16:00:00 By Washington Lighting and Interiors Furniture, Interiors, Bedroom,
10 Steps To A Productive Home Office

Working from home can be both a blessing and a curse, with the comfort of your very own home providing a very content place to work, but it can also be the biggest distraction of all, with the TV and your bed right there, and no one to stop you sneaking off. This quick 10 tip guide will make sure you can work happily and productively from home.

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Our Guide to Open Plan Perfection

Open plan is as popular as ever, and with houses and flats getting smaller and rent and prices going up, open plan makes a lot of sense. Open plan creates a roomy, airy and bright space that allows light to permeate through and stops even the smallest of apartments from feeling claustrophobic. It can’t always be a picnic, however, with large spaces being almost as difficult as small spaces to furnish. Here’s our guide to make sure you have the perfect open plan home.

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9 Jan 2017 09:47:00 By Washington Lighting and Interiors Lighting, Furniture, Interiors, Guides, Kitchen,
How to Decorate A Rented House

How To Decorate A Rented House

When the house or flat you live in is rented, making it your home can be challenging. It’s not practical to paint and is usually not allowed, and most other forms of intrusive decorating will lose you your deposit, like putting holes in walls. This makes life very difficult if you want to make it feel you’re not living in someone else’s house. These 6 little tips and tricks will have that rented house feeling like a home.

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3 Nov 2016 13:30:00 By Washington Lighting and Interiors Lighting, Furniture, Interiors, Guides, Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom, Energy Saving,
Check Out Our Christmas Products

Christmas is well on its way and we at Washington lighting we have decided to give you a quick look at our Christmas products. So, get into the spirit, share with your friends and gain the perfect Christmas look for your home. Wherever you are after Lights or Decorations browse. No Christmas decor is complete with lights on your tree and around your home, so why not check out range of different Christmas products HERE...

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28 Oct 2016 14:05:07 By Washington Lighting and Interiors Lighting, Interiors,
Antler Wall Lights: Our Definitive Collection
The Washington Lighting purchasing team are constantly updating and improving the range of lighting offered both online and in our store. In response to increased popularity and customer demand, we have recently added to our range of rustic antler lighting. This range of lighting has really grown in popularity in 2016...Read More
21 Jun 2016 15:12:02 By Washington Lighting and Interiors Washington lighting, Anlter, Wall lights, Lighting, Interiors,
How to Create a Relaxing Bathroom
It is always difficult finding an area in which you can truly take the time to switch off. Many of us get to the end of a long day and look forward to kicking our shoes off, getting out of those work clothes and relaxing in a nice warm bath. However, what can you do if your bathroom isn't the most relaxing environment...Read More
7 Jun 2016 13:18:11 By Washington Lighting and Interiors relaxing, bathroom, lighting, interiors, Lighting, Interiors, Guides, Bathroom,
How Lighting Affects Rooms
Lighting affects rooms in many ways. Not only can light effect your perception of the size of a room, it can also alter how the colour within a room is seen. Light is vital when planning and considering the ambience of a room, this blog will investigate how you can deploy lighting to achieve your interior designs aims...Read More
6 Apr 2016 10:02:48 By Washington Lighting and Interiors lighting, bedroom, kitchen, natural, Lighting,
Home Security Lighting
Burglary is one of the most common types of crime in the UK, around half a million burglaries take place in England and Wales every year. It’s no surprise to learn that the number of burglaries increase in the winter months, according to Aviva burglaries rose by 26% in the latter half of the year.Read More
15 Mar 2016 15:39:00 By Washington Lighting and Interiors Lighting, Guides,