Bathroom Lighting Guide


It can sometimes be difficult to understand which fitting you can use in your bathroom, but at Washington Lighting we try our best to make it as simple as possible. Below is a brief guide to help you make your choice. If you're still unsure please get in touch and we'll be happy to help. The first thing you need to know is the location of your fitting, where are you going to put the light? From that you can determine which IP rating the light will need for it to be used safely.


Where can I place my light?

The location of the fitting is split up into various zones, these zones all have minimum IP Ratings that must be followed. Below is some information on bathroom zones to help you decide. Once you know which zone you are fitting your light to, you can search for fitting with that IP rating or higher.

Bathroom Lighting Zone Guide

Zone 0 

Submerged in the bath or shower tray. Look for an IP rating of IPx7.

Zone 1 

Light fittings in this zone must be spray-proof. Look for an IP number of IP45 (or IPX5) or higher.

Zone 2 

Light fittings in Zone 2 must be splash-proof. Look for an IP number of IP44 (or IPX4) or higher.

Outside Zones

Any area shown as white in the image below is recognised as Zone 3, an outside zone that has no special requirements unless water jets are used for cleaning purposes.


So what are IP ratings?

A Ingress Protection rating is split up into two numbers; the first determines the level of protection from solid objects, for example your hands or dust and ranges from 1, which is protection from solid objects greater than 50mm, all the way up to 6 which is completely dust tight. The second number determines its level of protection from moisture and also ranges from 1, which is protection against vertical falling drops of water and ranges up to 8, completely watertight against the effects of immersion under pressure for long periods. IP Ratings Guide Infographic

We hope this guide gives you an insight into selecting appropriate bathroom lighting.

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