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Sockets and Switches

Sockets and Switches


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Changing the electrical switches and sockets in the home is quite a challenge as there is a bewildering array of different kinds of fitting. Light switches can accommodate one, two or three switches and these are known as gang switches. The same terminology applies to sockets and a standard double socket is known as a two gang socket. Two way switches are also sold and these allow the lights to be controlled from two different places. Good planning is required before you buy the new fittings so that you get the right requirements for your room and lifestyle.

There is a large range of finishes for the latest styles of switches and sockets on the market. Modern homes look great with the new brushed steel and polished chrome designs and there are traditionally styled period switches available for older homes. Black chrome or pewter are the newest colours available and with clear or paintable styles available, the choice is amazing. Whichever style you choose it is important to make sure that new switches and sockets are properly fitted with safety trip switches working correctly. If in doubt it is wise to employ an experienced electrician to fit the new electrical components.